Bitcoin briefly crossed $69,000

Bitcoin Hits New Record Update

According to Arkham, at 23:01 UTC+8 on March 5, Grayscale transferred 4,923 BTC to the address of Coinbase Prime Deposit, worth approximately US$338 million;it transferred 2,489 BTC to a new address, which is suspected to be Grayscale’s new custody address.

Solana-based decentralized DePIN project ionet announced the completion of Series A financing of US$30 million, led by Hack VC, with participation from Multicoin Capital, Solana Labs and others. Funds raised will be used to build a decentralized GPU network and address the AI computing shortage.

Today, a major player paid $1.63 million in option premium to purchase 12,500 put options on ETH with a strike price of $3,400 expiring on March 29th. This is the largest bulk purchase of ETH options today. The major player will profit only if ETH falls below $3,270 by the expiration date and could realize profits by closing the position directly during a significant pullback or sharp decline along the way.

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